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 How to Market Your Holistic Practice

The Go-To Resource for Sales-Phobic Therapists Who Want To Attract Ideal Clients

Not having enough perfect-fit clients is so tough, isn’t it? Are you:

Wondering if there’s some secret formula to attracting clients?

Busting a gut but not seeing the results you want?

Feeling in the dark about how to promote your business without being ‘salesy’?

Secretly hoping you can get away without having to do any of this marketing stuff?

Spending time worrying about where your next new customer is coming from?

Wishing your business was as kind to you as it is to your clients?

What if I told you you could attract clients who pay your prices without question ~ even if selling feels manipulative or alien to you. Imagine enjoying a steady stream of income ~ without having to work longer hours or squeeze in (then hurry through) clients.


The business side of therapy doesn’t have to be so hard. It doesn’t have to break your finances or your spirit. Give me under 3 hours and I’ll have you side stepping the costly pitfalls that trip up the newbies in less time than it takes to get round The Holistic Health Show.

You’re probably wondering what qualifies me to make that promise
Know, Like and TrustI created How To Market Your Holistic Practice to help therapists like you stay in business. I wanted to use all my hard-won business experience to help people doing good work to do more good work. I think you’re a marvel but it’s not enough that you just exist. To make a difference you need to have clients. People need to know about you and that means … marketing! But I’m so over cheap and dirty tactics. So I’ve helped hundreds to promote without becoming a pest and to get their Right People clambering for help. If you want shortcuts or a get-rich-quick game plan, I’m not your girl. But if you’re ready to learn the smartest ways of spending your time, to have your business be as kind to you as it is to your clients … let’s do this. 

Why You Need ‘How To Market Your Holistic Practice’

Enjoy a steady stream of income without having to work longer hours

Attract clients who pay your prices without question

Side step the common and costly mistakes that trip up the newbies

Talk about how you help in a way that makes future clients think ‘I need that!’

Promote your business in a way that feels good

Create things and do things your clients will adore you for

Use honest, DIY marketing techniques that don’t cost a pretty penny

Spark recommendations and referrals in a non-awkward, un-salesy way

Scale your business (and your profit) without becoming a workaholic zombie


Wondering how it all works?
This 30-part video series is already waiting for you within a private Roots and Wings site. Click to buy and get instant access to all the info from your computer or mobile device. And because you can come back to it time and again, this go-to resource for sales-phobic therapists really is the gift that keeps on giving. Work your way through 30 videos in one sitting or dip in and out when you can. Your purchase is non-refundable so please click mindfully.

Let’s Talk About Your Investment

The way I see it, you have one of two options.  You can wait it out and see what happens. Or you can join other in-the-know practitioners by learning these easy-to-follow, simple-to-do techniques that will outlast a thousand marketing fads. Take action on what I share and my guess is that you get dozens of new paying clients over the next year. Clients who may spend money with you for years. And some of them will tell friends. A lot of people tell me I’m worth it.

Ready to stop searching for clients?

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What People Are Saying:

Lizzie Carver

“I don’t resonate with ‘business’ type marketing. This was so different and perfect for me. I’d recommend it to anyone needing solid advice and strategies to reach more people. Thanks to Lisa, I’ve restructured my holistic practice from the ground up and I’ve never been busier. I now have a website that works for me – showcasing exactly what I do. And I’m able to spread the word effectively on social media so clients can find me and check out whether or not I might be a fit for them. Lisa’s approach really works and I can’t recommend her highly enough.” 
Lizzie Carver. Holistic Practitioner.


Sue Baker

“Although I was feeling good about my business, I wasn’t feeling good about marketing it. It felt utterly alien to me. My attempts at getting clear about marketing in the past haven’t worked. I felt like Lisa really ‘got me.’ She understands the challenges faced by a small business. I now have more clarity, I’m really inspired and motivated to move forward with this. I’ve never felt like that about marketing before. She’s given me so much to think about and it’s all so doable.”  
Sue Baker MFHT. Owner, It’s Never Too Late.



“I’m fascinated by the interplay between physical and emotional tension in the horse’s body and using hands on skills to resolve issues. But I wasn’t born a gifted business woman so finding Lisa has been revelatory!” 
Suz Crichton-Stuart. A Holistic Solution.


Paula Jacobs

“It showed how to sell without feeling as though you’re selling. Lisa is very passionate and confident about her work. I’d recommend her to anyone looking to strike out on their own.” 
Paula Jacobs MFHT. Owner, Holistic Healthcare Southampton.


FHT Logo

“The ‘How to Market Your Holistic Practice’ video series demystifies how to attract clients with simple techniques that Lisa shares in an easy to follow and non-salesy way.” 
Jade Dannheimer. Marketing Manager, Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).


Elena Rayner“Lisa shares her knowledge so generously ~ it’s a breath of fresh air. I’ve stopped focusing on cold sales and realised that my personality and authenticity can actually add value to my business.” 
Elena Rayner. Founder, Golden Oils.


Angela cut out“Wow, love it. Great to be reminded of all the things I knew but have forgotten to implement! Also great to get your fresh, clear insight into all the things I didn’t know, too. Really useful, thanks so much.” 
Angela Johnson. Homeopath and Flower Essence Practitioner.


Carol cut out

“Lisa teaches you how to promote your holistic practice in a really genuine way. I’d recommend her and her no-cost techniques to anyone running a helping/healing kinda business.”
Carol Greenwood MFHT. Owner, Greenwood Therapies. FHT Local Support Group


P.S. Have you read The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield?

This line stands out: “Most of us have two lives: the life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.” And when you think about getting help, Resistance talks. It says, “You should know all this already. You shouldn’t need help.”

So what’s the unlived life within you? Making a difference? Being thanked by delighted clients who are happy to pay your prices? If the gap between the life you’re living and the unlived life feels uncomfortably wide, it’s time for some truths.

We’re not born knowing how to do marketing. We’re often not encouraged by our training provider to invest the same time/energy/money in learning the marketing side, as we did in perfecting our skills.

So, be gentle with yourself. If you haven’t yet learnt in depth about how to attract clients, then please take comfort in this knowledge: there’s a reason it hasn’t been easy.

It’s OK to spend time (and money) learning about marketing. It’s necessary. It’s vital.


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