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Free audios

~ Know, Like and Trust.

If you struggle to attract customers who value your hard work and don’t quibble over price, this audio will help. Inside I share 15 simple ways to boost the Know, Like, Trust Factor in your business. I’ve taught these no-cost techniques to hundreds of people and they love it. 

Try it out! (12 mins).

~ How To Say What You Do.

Hate networking? Let’s wipe out awkward elevator pitches one business card at a time! How To Say What You Do is an audio filled with tips to get people thinking, “Whoa, I need that!” (even if you think you’re ‘rubbish at selling’). 

Grab your favourite notebook and dive in. (12 mins).

~ How To Drum Up The Business You Need.

Maybe you’re trying to be all things to all people. Maybe you’re resistant to take a stand for and support one particular group of people. In this audio, I offer some suggestions on how to get clearer about your niche and set yourself up for a far easier ride. 

Let’s go (9 mins).

~ What It Means To Be a Sustainable Business, Really.

If you’re operating at full capacity and tired of swapping time for money, this audio will help you out. Inside, I share a simple way to reduce overwhelm, guard against burnout and earn a healthy living doing work you love. 

It’s here (4 mins).

Interviews, guest blogs & podcasts

Every once in a while, I get invited to do an interview, appear on a podcast, speak at an event or contribute an article/viewpoint about something. Here are some that I particularly enjoyed creating or getting involved with.

~ Happiness Is Something You Decide On Ahead Of Time

In this article for Positively Positive, I talk about what legacy means to me (and why).

~ Positively Inspiring ~ An Interview with Lisa Barber

In this interview, I talk with a cool gal named Michelle Reeves about role models, the lessons I've learned and my top tips for staying positive when things don't go to plan.

~ 4 Reflections On Sticking To Your Prices

Maybe you keep your prices low on purpose. Perhaps you find yourself going down the slippery slope of offering free sessions to attract more clients. Maybe you offer on-the-spot discounts because the whole pricing conversation feels awkward, uncomfortable, embarrassing to you. If this sounds familiar, I wrote this for you. Find my guest post on the Federation of Holistic Therapists' blog, here

~ Mumpreneur. The Complete Guide To Starting And Running A Successful Business

In this guide to juggling motherhood with starting a business, the likes of Chrissie Rucker, Sam Roddick and Myleene Klass all share their tips for success and survival. And Annabel Karmel herself reveals the very steps she took to grow her business empire from scratch. I was thrilled to be invited to contribute advice about marketing!

~ How To Help More Clients ~ Marketing Demystified

I was invited to speak at London’s Olympia to an audience of complementary therapists. This is a pre-recording of the talk I gave. They found it so helpful. Enjoy. (15 mins).

The "best of" my articles

Free videos

My favourite tools, apps etc...

~ Unroll.me

This instantly compiles a list of every newsletter that you're subscribed to. Keep the ones you love and “bulk-unsubscribe” from all of the lists you no longer want to be on in just a few clicks. It makes me so happy!

~ Picmonkey.com

I use this every day in my business. Add copy and effects to images, design posters, create invites. Make quotes visually appealing or turn testimonials into images for use across social media. Check it out

~ Scannable

Scan documents, receipts, business cards etc… and turn them into PDFs or JPEGs. No more battles with the printer or finding a photocopier when it’s time to submit your tax return. Try it.

~ Calendly.com

Simple, beautiful appointment scheduling. Say goodbye to phone tag. And get more done. Get started for free.

~ Evernote.com

For organising my life and remembering my everything. Capture, nurture and share across any device.

~ 1password.com

THIS. You need this!