I'll keep this simple with the answers to these FAQs. 


My work revolves around helping you to attract more customers in low cost ways ~ without being pushy or annoying.


I’m a one-woman-band based at my kitchen table in Hursley, Hampshire. But you can get into action with my support from anywhere in the world.

Why should I care?

I’ve worked in every field of sales and marketing. I’ve won awards. Joined Boards. I really know my stuff. But that wasn't always the case. My greatest claim to credibility with you (I think) is that I’ve built this business from scratch.

Anything else I should know about you?

I heart Paperchase. You know ‘shiny object syndrome’? I have shiny stationary syndrome. Must. Buy.


Coaches, Consultants, Therapists/holistic practioners, Counsellors, Interior designers, Home interiors specialists, Photographers, Florists, Stylists, Doctors, Dentists, Accountants, Solicitors, Vets, Personal trainers, Virtual Assistants, Estate agents, Garden designers, Creatives, Chefs, Declutterers, Yoga/pilates teachers, Writers … And many more quirky and inspirational entrepreneurs.

Why do you do what you do?

I think you’re a marvel but it’s not enough that you just exist. People need to know about you and that means … marketing!

How come I keep hearing your name?

I've shown lots of people how to reach more of their right customers, clients and fans in simple, low cost ways that actually work.

What's next?

Feeling a hunch that there may be a fit here? Pull up a chair and stay awhile. Help yourself to the free stuff, check out the services and hop onto my mailing list by sharing your details at the top of the screen. (I hope you won’t want to but it’s really easy to unsubscribe).
Cut-and-paste Bio

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Lisa Barber teaches business owners how to attract customers and make a difference ~ without being pushy or annoying. Published in  ‘Mumpreneur’ – the complete guide to starting and running a successful business, her approach is also spotlighted in Work from Home Wisdom, Positively Positive, Womens Prospects, Global Winning Women, Trading for Good, Country Homes and Interiors, The Joy Chaser and International Therapist magazines. Lisa reached the finals of the UK’s National Blog Awards 2016 and was shortlisted for Entrepreneur of the Year at the Winchester Business Excellence Awards. When she’s not helping clients bump up revenue in guilt-free ways, you’ll find Lisa mopping up after her children around their Hampshire home.
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